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No. Req   Port Meirion / Churchill China (White) Per Item Total
    Plates 10" £0.18p  
    Plates 8" £0.15p  
    Plates 7" £0.12p  
    Dessert/Soup Bowl £0.12p  
    Tea Cup £0.12p  
    Saucers £0.12p  
No. Req   Miscellaneous China (White) Per Item Total
    Salt & Pepper Set £1.00p  
    Milk Jug £0.50p  
    Vegetable Dishes £1.00p  
    Salad Bowls £1.50p  
    Coffee Pot £1.00p  
    Tea Pot £1.00p  
    Sugar Bowls £0.70p  
No. Req   Stainless Steel Items Per Item Total
    Oval Flats £1.20p  
    Electric Water Boiler (6 Gallon) £10.00p  
No. Req   Miscellaneous Items Per Item Total
    2 Pint Glass Jug £1.00p  
    1 Pint Glass Jug £0.50p  
    Serving Tray (White Plastic) £0.50p  
    Serving Slice £0.50p  
    Glass Cocktail Dishes £0.20p  
No.Req   Quality Glassware Per Item Total
    White Wine Goblets £0.12p  
    Red Wine Goblets £0.15p  
    Flute Glasses £0.15p  
    Sherry Glasses £0.12p  
    Whisky Tumblers £0.12p  
    One Pint Glasses £0.12p  
    6oz or 8oz Slim Jims £0.12p  
No.Req   Quality Cutlery / Kings Per Item Total
    Dinner Knife £0.12p  
    Dinner Fork £0.12p  
    Dessert Fork £0.12p  
    Dessert Spoon £0.12p  
    Side Knife £0.12p  
    Soup Spoon £0.12p  
    Tea Spoon £0.12p  
    Brides Knife £5.00p  

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